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The Just a kid from Maine Bait Bag & Clothing.



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Two Iconic Maine Brands
Not sure why we didn't do this sooner as Alaina and I have known one another for years. She has accumulated an amazing fanbase and following since 2013 from her amazing handmade made in Maine bags, especially the iconic "bait bag." The bag took inspiration from a lobsterman's bait bag and still to this day is hand made in Maine of marine grade materials. So, we now present the Just a kid from Maine Bait Bag. Classic soft coral/orange and olives really are the colors we love most. Each bag comes with a mesh JAKFM tag and inside a subtle Alaina Marie and CFC logo. This is the first time these colors have been used by Alaina Marie. We will sell these bags in Pre-order format for 3 days only. After that time we will have Alaina stitch them up and we will send them on their way with a special gift.


We also wanted to accompany the bag with some clothing as we got inspired during the design process. The bag will take anywhere from 7-14 days to construct, BUT it will be one of a kind and the first ever. Get a jump on holiday shopping with these bags and this bag is a must have for bait bag enthusiasts! Thanks for being patient, this has been a long time coming!

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