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I was driving back from home last week and was thinking. For most of kids from Maine we all know what Maine is, how special it is. It's the people that make the place, and we all are doing some pretty amazing things in the state and the world. Be it that we are here now, or have left and are doing amazing things elsewhere I know that we all tell people proudly where we are from. Maybe not much was expected of us kids from Maine, but we damn sure are proving them wrong. So here we are. 


25 available. 


-50% polyester (6.25% recycled), 38% cotton (6.25% organic), 12% rayon

-Model is 5'6 1320bs wearing size small.
-Please allow 6-7 business days for delivery. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.

JAKFM Camo Racerback

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