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To me personally, this is the most meaningful shirt we have ever done. This was a phrase my grandfather always said to me. I never understood this growing up but as I grew and I began to  understand it meant that if you feel like you're doing something great, if you love something, if you want to be something, keep doing it. Keep working day after day, and you will eventually get there. If something makes you happy, keep doing it. Life is short. These were his last words to me. I now live my life via this phrase and I think now with so many folks struggling mentally, emotionally, financially, just tell yourself this, and take it one day at a time. Thanks for listening. -Kyle 


4.2 oz. 52% Cotton/48% poly blend.

Shirt runs true to size.

Please allow 5-6 days for delivery.

KDWYD Women's Shirt

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