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A Local Fundraiser!

For the next month we will be selling Adult and Childrens shirts to support the CRS Community Art Bus! These are the white shirts MEANT to get dirty! Paint them, color them, use them as a napkin! Customize your Art Bus shirt however you'd like! (totally feel free to rework this however you want!)

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The Story

The Bus travels to different community events, businesses, non-profits and provides free immersive arts! The mission of the bus is to provide accessible arts to the community, creating opportunities for art medium exploration. This season we anticipate serving 5500 children and adults!

After just one and half seasons (11 months), this community driven project has participated in 30 events from Dover NH to Rome ME! Supply, travel, and time donations are growing over $6,000. The Bus was painted by the Biddeford community at the 2021 Fringefestival and has had sponsors names added into the eclectic graffiti style mural. We are excited to share that this year we have also gained fiscal sponsorship from Engine Art Gallery, opening the program up to the world of non-profit funding opportunities! 


75% of sales will go directly to the Community Art Bus and their programming! Even better, wear your shirt to the CRS Community  Art Bus events and get Nick to sign your shirt at 3 different events to get a CUSTOM COMMON ROOTS PIECE OF ART! For more information on Common Roots Studio and their unique art collective.

For more information visit: 

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